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Let’s check the instruments – those are compatible with your existing headset

AirSport Avionics has closed out its line of Portable Altitude Alerters. We have appreciated serving all of our customers over the past 20+ years. We will continue to honor the smart scooter for sale full 26 month warranty on all previous purchases and will provide upgrades and repair capabilities after that for as long as parts are available. There are currently 2 Airsport Altitude Alerters being offered on eBay. To view aircraft systems engineering them, click on the items below.

AirSport cool hoverboard Avionics is the only manufacturer of Altitude Alerters/Transponder Monitors that receive everything your transponder and encoder are reporting to ATC, both Mode A (squawk code) and Mode C (altitude). Our Altitude Alerters are completely portable and they do not require permanent installation into your aircraft. Our instruments are compatible with your existing headset and they have a variety of features that are beneficial to the safety of all General Aviation Pilots. To learn more about our Altitude Alerters/Transponder Monitors, click on the links below.

Which Model do I need? That depends on how high you fly. The AirSport IFR is the most popular model, it offers the features most pilots need. If you fly above 18,000 ft (or if you fly in hoverboard decals parts of the world that use Millibars) then you need the AirSport PRO. The PRO and the IFR are supplied with all accessories, in a protective carrying case.

Are AirSport Alerters different than the competition?Our competitors make fine equipment, and strictly as alerters they are all good investments. But they are wired to the altitude encoder. What if something happens to your altitude data after it leaves the encoder? Other alerters don’t monitor health or status of the transponder. Only AirSport Altitude Alerters monitor actual transponder data, hoverboard price both Mode A (squawk code) and Mode C (altitude). We see the same data being sent to ATC. Your transponder signal is what the controller sees, you should know what your equipment is actually reporting.

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