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AirSport Avionics is closing out its line of Portable Altitude Alerters by the end of 2015. We have appreciated serving all of our customers over the past 20+ years. We have a few units and assemblies left in our inventory and will sell them at the reduced prices listed below until the end of the year or until all of the units have been sold. We will honor the full 26 month warranty on all purchases and will provide upgrades and repair capabilities after that for as long as parts are available. All units will be built to order and will ship within 2 business days after ordering. Any expedited shipping will be after the 2 business days.

AirSport Avionics is the only manufacturer of Altitude Alerters/Transponder Monitors that receive everything your transponder and encoder are reporting to ATC, both Mode A (squawk code) and Mode C (altitude). Our Altitude Alerters are completely portable and they do not require permanent installation into your aircraft. Our instruments are compatible with your existing headset and they have a variety of features that are beneficial to the safety of all General Aviation Pilots. To learn more about our Altitude Alerters/Transponder Monitors, click on the links below.
(Note: These Altitude Alerters are designed to work with Mode C transponders and ADS-B equiped Mode C transponders. They will not work with Mode S transponders.)

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AirSport Pro/VFD Altitude Alerter  
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Our Original and most Advanced Alerter. Flight Levels, Millibars,
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AirSport IFR/VFD Altitude Alerter AIRSPORT IFR/VFD
$799 $533
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Our Most Popular Model complete with Vacuum Flourescent Display.
AirSport IFR/LCD Altitude Alerter AIRSPORT IFR/LCD
$699 $466
Our IFR Value Model with Liquid Crystal Display.
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