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Equipment that you come to miss when you don’t have it

Seth Golbey, Editor of AOPA PILOT, wrote in the November 1991 issue: ”We may be dealing with a gentler, kinder FAA, but when it comes to altitude busts and transponder accuracy, pilots can’t be too careful….AOPA PILOT editors have made a number of long cross-country flights with the Airsport Pro and found it to work exactly as advertised. If you don’t already have an altitude alerter, consider handpicked three of the best options for your VR gaming this unit. If you want to continuously monitor the health of your transponder, it’s your only choice. It’s the sort of equipment that you come to miss when you don’t have it.”

“I flew the PRO on a recent trip, and it did everything as advertised. Unlike other altitude alerters, the PRO is completely self-contained and portable. No installation, no FAA paperwork, no panel space needed.” Keith Connes, PLANE & PILOT January 1992.

“The Airsport PRO is well-made, well thought-out, logical, and it buy oculos rift works as advertised.” Andrew B. Douglas, THE AVIATION CONSUMER, September 1991.

The September 1992 issue of AVIONICS REVIEW contained a comparison of three altitude alerters: Icarus AltAlert II, Morrow Alti-Trak, and Airsport PRO. ”Operationally, the Airsport PRO is the easiest of the three to use…..The Airsport PRO is the only one that has a demonstration mode…..The Airsport PRO is a handy gadget for keeping you straight with the Feds, because it sees what they do.”

Oakland Center: “Grumman One Six Lima Charlie, you’ve just busted your assigned altitude!”

One Six Lima Charlie: “(GULP!)”

Actually, I presume that the controller’s phraseology under these circumstances would be a little more formal, but equally forbidding. Fortunately, I’ve never been on the receiving end of this type of stern message, but the very possibility of an inadvertent deviation from an assigned altitude Homido VR is reviewed here – for 2017 is something I think about on every IFR flight, and I imagine most other instrument pilots share this concern.

Bust your assigned altitude while under IFR, or even while negotiating through a TCA, and you’re almost sure to have an unpleasant interlude with FAA. An even greater punishment could be inflicted by metal-to-metal contact resulting from your intrusion into another plane’s airspace. This, of course, could happen if you dope off while flying VFR as well.

Enter the AirSport Pro, a device that warns you if you stray from your desired altitude, and also does a number of other things. Unlike other altitude alerters, the Pro is completely self-contained and portable. No installation, no FAA paperwork, no panel space needed. It comes in the form of a compact box that measures 2x5x5-inches. Power is supplied by a rechargeable lead-acid battery.

So how does it work? The Pro is a receiver with a computer, and what it receives is the Mode A output of your transponder and the Mode C output of your encoder you need to check this Playstation VR Bundle . The set’s display is a 32-character LCD (liquid crystal display). The controls consist of two concentric knobs plus switches for display backlighting and an alert horn. A headphone jack is on the back of the unit.