How to make your pets feel safe at home?

Stress and fear may trigger many behavioural issues in dogs, like barking, anxiety, and aggression. They exhibit these feelings when they feel unsafe or threatened. Humans or animals, nobody likes being scared or under stress and their behaviour changes completely when they feel threatened repeatedly. They need a safe and secure environment to calm down and live peacefully with the family. One important aspect is that a dog may feel scared when it is not well or is in pain. So, you must diagnose the reason why your dog is feeling scared and then try to find a remedy to make it feel safe at home. There are some ways that will make it feel better.

  1. Expose the dog to people from the beginning. It should feel safe even in the presence of strangers.
  2. Do not restrict him to only one area. Expose him to new places. He should be comfortable if you need to relocate and understand that new places are safe.
  3. Sensitize the dog to different situations, smells and sounds. Any change in the environment should not frighten it.
  4. Train it through positive enforcements and treats and avoid punishing it or hurting it.
  5. Teach it to perform tricks with treats. A dog feels safe and happy doing acts that it thinks make its owner happy. It also keeps it occupied. It can learn to focus on activities.
  6. Be calm and patient and show confidence while handling him. Your attitude will mirror on it and make him feel safe.
  7. Give it a special area where it can retreat and hide for some time while it feels better again. For a small dog, it can be the Best Small Dog Beds. This will provide a sanctuary and a cosy environment until it feels safe again.
  8. Avoid over protecting or showing your anxiety. But make it feel protected your behaviour.

Stress and anxiety are normal emotions and every living being has these feelings. But with patience and proper handling you can make your dog feel safe.…