Diet Plan for Picky Eaters for Weight Loss?

If you are a picky eater then following a diet plan may not be possible for you as you will have to eat suggested foods. You will have to fill your plate with whole grains and lean protein options that are not the foods you usually relish. However, being picky does not mean that you can aim for weight loss; you will have to just reform your eating habits and train your taste buds to delight in a few healthier options. There is no basic diet plan available for picky eaters and the basics of weight loss are equally suggested for picky and non picky eaters.

Picky eaters can follow weight loss programs that offer a wide menu so that there is no dearth of favorites. For example, Nutrisystem offers about 150 food choices that are both shelf stable and frozen. When choosing the Uniquely Yours plan provided them, the dieters get full freedom to customize their menu. Likewise, Jenny Craig is also another popular diet plan that provides over 80 meal choices to choose from. Both the programs claim to offer up to 2lbs of steady weight loss per week which is comfortable for picky eaters. If you want further information read this article to choose the right program for you and start your weight loss journey immediately.

All types of dieters have to comply with basic equation of weight loss whether they are picky eaters or not. That is they have to create a calorie deficit to lose weight. How to create the deficit? You can definitely create a calorie deficit eating less and moving more. If you are fond of doughnuts and soda, you can eat one doughnut instead of two and order a smaller size of soda. This can help you lose weight to some extent but does not offer a significant weight loss. To enjoy a great weight loss result, you must include low glycemic foods, dietary fiber, lean meats, low fat dairy products and fresh fruits and vegetables.…

How To Lose 60 Pounds In 5 Months?

Shedding 60 pounds in 5 months is a highly challenging goal but it is doable for people who follow a proper diet and exercise plan. For this you will have to consider your present fitness level and work out a physical activity and diet plan. However, you will have to make a lot of changes to your current lifestyle to achieve this goal.

To lose weight you need to eat less and move more. When you do this, it creates a calorie deficit and you turn up to fat storage for energy which leads to weight loss.  Experts say that making calorie deficit from 500 to 1000 calories per day is safe and recommended. At this rate you will be able to lose from 1 to 2 lbs per week which leads to 4 or 8 pounds of weight loss per month. This takes you closer to your weight loss goal though not the exact amount of weight you have to lose. Weight loss planners like Nutrisystem and Medifast provide weight loss from 1 to 2lbs per week through their well planned diet meals. To follow Nutrisysterm, you do not need any doctor’s recommendation and it is very convenient to follow. However, Medifast requires doctor’s recommendation as their diet meals are relatively low in calories which the dieters have to cope up with. Visit to go through a comparison article on these two diet planners.

Reducing 1250 calories from your diet on a daily basis is not possible. Women have to consume minimum of 1200 calories per day and men around 1500 calories. If you have to go lower than these limits then you will have to follow a medically supervised diet plan.  You can cut back on calories and simultaneously expend calories through exercise to create the calorie deficit of 1250 and reach your goal.…